Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Sunshine State

Last week I got to visit my parents in Florida. I have to admit, it was really nice to get some warmer temperatures. Apparently the whole time I was there, it was way cooler than they are used to. It was also slightly overcast the whole time. But I didn't care, it was still nicer than here.

It's been so cold here in New England, that this week, when we got the temperature into the 30's, it actually felt warm! Today it's a nice day, I can see lots of sun peeking out from behind the clouds. The air temp isn't too bad either. This morning it was raining and it was VERY windy. It's still a bit windy, but that sunshine really makes up for it.

And today, unfortunately, I'm at home because Zoe had a fever yesterday. She has a really bad cold (a yucky cough and runny nose). But today besides being a little more subdued, she does seem like she is feeling a little better. 

I have to admit...looking at that sunshine outside does make me wish I had warmer weather coming soon. But it's only the end of January and I have a ways to go before I get that warm weather...

So what did we do in Florida?
We spent most of the time just visiting with my parents. We took one day and went to the zoo (a big hit, Zoe LOVES giraffes, especially because she got to feed some carrots to one) and another day we went to a key lime festival.

But I think Zoe's most favorite thing of all...was going to a playground. There's a great playground for smaller kids (ages 1-5) right down the street from my parents. We went over there on two separate days. She still doesn't like the swings (or the seesaw, which I never liked as a kid either) but she LOVES the slides. She tried every single one. She also enjoyed climbing through the tunnels which doesn't surprise me since she loves her tunnels that I can set up in our living room.

On our second visit to the playground, there was another little girl there, about 4 years old and she wanted to play with Zoe. It took Zoe a little while to warm up to her, but they played together pretty well. The best part about older kids wanting to play with your child? The older child will teach them things.

Zoe's confidence on the slides soared after watching the other little girl climb up the stairs and slide down with no help. Soon Zoe was using the stairs and the railing (instead of crawling like she normally does on stairs) and was sliding down the slide without holding on or my help.
I did manage to catch this all on video...but I didn't catch the cutest thing on video.

At one point the little girl (who also had blonde curly hair) was going up a different route to get to the slide and she called out "I'm going to race Zoe to the slide and I'm going to beat her!" And immediately, my not quite 22 months old child dropped to all fours, raced up the stairs and sat at the slide and looked back at the other little girl with a look that clearly said "Ha! I beat YOU!"

Nah, she doesn't take after me at all...


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