Monday, January 07, 2013


I was going to blog about Starbucks today, but you will now have to wait until tomorrow.

One of the biggest reasons I successfully lost weight in the past was because I was in a competition with my friend. I had a great support group and there were many friends and family who knew my weight and were watching me and tracking my progress.

Real success comes from support and having a community.  And accountability. I think this is the reason that Weight Watchers works so well for so many.

(Are you a gamer? Check out my cousin's blog post as to why he thinks Weight Watchers works for those who like to play games.

So am I joining Weight Watchers?  No, their plan doesn't work well for me since I am allergic to so many fruits and vegetables. I just can't get enough calories in their point system.  Instead I have done FOUR things recently to help keep me motivated and moving.

First two things, I joined two separate Biggest Loser contests. This means I am weighing in once a week with someone who doesn't know me well. How does this help? Well...think about how comfortable you are with your family. These are the people who accept you no matter what. It's why you can be at your worst (moody, whiny, etc) with them and then show none of these negative behaviors with other people. Kinda like the kid in school who is an angel for the teacher and horrible at home.

Well, if your family or significant other (or roommate, they are your "urban" family after all) knows your weight or your struggles, they don't always help...because they still like you even if you aren't meeting your goals. However a stranger...someone you don't know...might be disappointed in you...or judge you.  Hopefully they don't...but you know they might.

Which is why joining those contests will help me stay on track. At the very least I won't gain.
First contest ends in a few weeks and the one after that ends at the end of February.

The third thing I did, I made a bet with my mom. We have to workout (ie: go to the gym or an exercise class) four times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. If we don't, we have to pay the other one $20 for each week we don't do it. I will admit, I slumped the week of Christmas but she let it slide and didn't make me pay. (Merry Christmas! don't worry, I made up for it the following week!) This bet with my mom ends in January. So my first three things will be done with February.

So to keep me going one more month, I have joined Year2Change. You can too!  You could even win a $100 Amazon gift card (yes please!). It's simple, you set a goal and stick to it. I don't even think it has to be weight related. (I made mine exercise related).

I set a goal of walking 4 miles 4 times a week.  That should help keep my weight stable...or maybe if I'm being really good and eating right, I will lose some weight too.

Reporting in and checking in will keep me accountable. Plus I just want that gift card.
I find that prizes and rewards really help motivate me too. :)  Now I just need someone to pay me a lot of money to lose I could get these last 20 pounds off real quick. ;)


Marybeth Feutz said...

Yay! I'm so excited you joined Year 2 Change!

Marybeth Feutz said...

Yay! I'm so excited you joined Year 2 Change!

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