Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Love Pizza. Like a LOT.

Remember the story of how my husband proposed?

This story gets even COOLER.

A few years back, maybe a year or so after he proposed, the local radio station was looking for romantic proposal stories and I entered mine, because I thought it was pretty darn romantic for me...and we won a gift certificate for a bouquet of flowers!

And...don't know if I'm allowed to say this...but it also inspired another person's proposal.
That is all, not saying anymore. Just in case I'm not allowed to tell.

But really, it's obvious how important pizza is.

It is VERY important to me.

BUT...the story gets BETTER!!!

You see, this week, Pizza Hut is doing a promotion...
Where if you tweet them (it's a twitter thang..start following me!) and ask them to send you a bottle of their new perfume (Pizza Hut Perfume, it exists!) then you might get lucky and they will send you one.

And guess what?  I WON!!!

I told them that I love pizza so much that my husband proposed with a pepperoni pizza. On twitter you are a little limited on how much of the story you can tell, but they got the gist of the story...and they picked me as a winner!!! How COOL is that?!

So you can expect another post from me about pizza, and Pizza Hut Perfume. I'm very excited to try it.  And I think this means my Valentine's Dinner will be pizza.  (yes!!!) :)

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