Friday, February 15, 2013

Pizza Hut Perfume!

Just in case you missed yesterday's post:

I got a package in the mail for Valentine's Day:

I was just a little excited...because inside was this:

I tested the perfume by spraying it on the does smell like pizza. I'll be trying it on myself this weekend. I might even spray Anthony with it..I do LOVE pizza. :)

And of course we went to Pizza Hut with my daughter for dinner last night. (which was crowded, apparently I am not the only woman who thinks pizza is very romantic) And Anthony got me a TON of chocolate covered strawberries.

I tried sharing them with my daughter but she didn't care for them. They had this chocolate stuff on them which was ruining the strawberry part. :) I'll update you next week on how the perfume works on me....! :)

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