Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Selection - Kiera Cass

Did you see my post yesterday about the Elysium Chronicles by J.A. Souders? If not, take a minute to check it out. It's another series I'm excited about.

What is it about a series of books? I think for me it's that I'm not quite ready to leave that world and it's characters behind. When I finished the Harry Potter books, I remember feeling sad that it was all over. Of course I can pick up the book and visit that world again and again! Which is the best part of books.

But I have to admit..I LOVE a series of books. I read so fast that a single novel (unless it's a really long one) just doesn't hold me like a series does.

One thing I hate about a series of books? Finding the series before all the books have been published! I go crazy trying to wait for the next one! I'm currently in the middle of a few series where I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!! :)

Today's post is about one I discovered after reading the celebrity gossip part of a website. (Yes, I have a small addiction to celebrity gossip...I have no idea why.) The CW has green-lighted a pilot episode of a new television show based upon the Kiera Cass novel "The Selection".

Once I read what the book was about, I was hooked. It's basically Survivor crossed with the Bachelor crossed with the Hunger Games. (though the first book hasn't really gotten into a lot of the political stuff yet.) Now if you know me, you know I don't really watch TV. And I don't watch Survivor or the Bachelor. But I didn't mind reading about it! (next week I'll blog about a Bachelor spoof on Yahoo that I'm enjoying right now.)

The story in The Selection is quick paced, the characters are likable and even though you can see where it's going, I'm enjoying how it is getting there. I honestly really like both guys that our leading lady has to choose from. And having to choose one of them may become an issue.
I don't want to giveaway too much more about it.

Unfortunately it's not a book that I can lend from my Nook, but the best part of the internet? Giveaways! If you follow an author's blog or facebook site or twitter feed, you might find a contest where you could win a copy of their book.

Or you can ask nicely and I'll let you physically borrow my nook. :)

Tomorrow's book...I was a little worried it would give me nightmares...

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