Monday, March 04, 2013

Annoying Spam Comments

I apologize in advance folks....

I had to change the settings for leaving comments. I was starting to get a lot of "spam" comments. These are random comments that may or may not reference what I was writing about. They are almost always "anonymous" and leave links to their websites.  And those websites are likely trying to sell you something or will install spyware on your computer.

Want to know what spyware is?  Ask me about it...and I'll post it on the other blog:

And speaking of that other blog, it really needs an update. :)  Fell behind on that one...

So as much as I love getting comments and feedback, I hate getting false spam comments.
Coincidence or not?  These spam comments started once google decided to combine my blog with my google+ account. Hmmm.

Books I'm reading will be blogged about this week and I'll add some "about life" stories too. I think my most popular posts are when I post about my life anyway. :)

Thanks for understanding about the comments...please keep leaving comments! :)

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