Monday, March 11, 2013


This past weekend I got busted.

Not for speeding (something I occasionally do). And not for anything else illegal. Sorry, I'm just not that interesting.

I got busted by my almost 2 year old. What was I doing?

For the past two years I have had two of her favorite blanket. I swap them out and wash them so that they get the same wear and tear. She calls this blanket her "Gigi" or maybe it's "Geegee". I have no idea where that name comes from. We never called her blanket that.

At first we thought that was what she was calling all blankets. Then we realized that she called her other blanket, "blanket" and this special one was called "gigi".

Back to my story....

This weekend I was doing some laundry, and her blanket needed to be washed. When she wasn't paying attention, I swapped out the blankets, putting the one that needed to be cleaned in the hamper and the clean one from the closet in her crib.

Lately she has had a habit of pulling that blanket out from her crib, no matter where I place it in there, she manages to get it. I always think it's out of her reach and then she comes running out of her bedroom, giggling, and holding her "gigi". She had just done this and was sitting in the living room watching her favorite show. I figured she was distracted enough that I could get the laundry sorted and started. After less than a minute, she shows up in the doorway to my room.

Z: "Mama, sit me"  (roughly translated means please come sit with me)
Me: "Mama is sorting laundry, I'll sit with you when I am done."
Z: "Help sort laundry!"
Me: "Okay.....nnnnnnnooooooooo!"

She lifted the towel off the top of my pile and saw her "gigi". She picked it up and said "Gigi!" and then I watched her face as she first went from surprise to confusion to surprise again. She grabbed her blanket, ran into the living room with it and found the other "clean gigi" that she had just put on the couch.  She grabs both of them and runs back to me saying "Two GIGI's! TWO!"

Totally busted. I had been successfully hiding that there were two of these items in existence until yesterday. It took some crying and confusion to wrestle away the dirty one. But I did eventually get it clean.

And I'm hoping that by now she has forgotten there were two.

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Anonymous said...

I'm 55, and called my baby blanket a geegee. No one knows where I learned that word either in the late 1950's.

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