Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Old-fashioned Cursing

Tee hee hee...

Okay, now that the kid in me has gotten a few giggles out, I ran into this article yesterday:

I found it interesting, but it made me think back to what I heard growing up.

When I was a kid our extended family would get together for some family gatherings and the grownups would play card games...I do remember one clearly that the adults would play because as a child I found it fascinating whenever they said "bull....". :)

My grandmother used to say "You're full of prune juice" and it wasn't until I was an adult and realized what prune juice was for that I realized what she was saying.  I kind of like that one. I'll probably use that with my daughter.

I also remember "bull malarkey (sp?)" and "full of baloney".

Anyone else remember some good ones?

And on this's another story for you. I didn't realize that my own potty mouth had gotten bad until I had a baby...and now my baby is old enough to repeat things. So I need to be VERY careful about what I say.

The other day I said "crap!" and she came right out with it...which was really adorable and I had to try really hard not to change the expression on my face...otherwise she would know she found a good word. Do NOT laugh or your child will repeat the word to EVERYONE.
(like last night when I convinced her to start saying "hey baby"......oy.)

So a few days ago I had my daughter helping me pour some food for our dog Oscar. She loves to get "Oscar food". We have a used yogurt container that we use as a scoop and it's the perfect size for her to help. Except that she isn't very good at aiming into the bowl. And she was going too fast...and she spilled an entire scoop all over the floor. I had a couple of things happen at once and I was of course trying to do too many things at once and a word slipped out.
And it began with an "s". And it ended with a "t".

And then my parrot repeated it.
With her own version.

She said: "shoot".

And I said "YES!" and laughed really hard.
I got off easy there. :)

(bad Mamma, bad!)

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