Tuesday, March 05, 2013

You Wanna be a Writer?

Are you a writer?  Do you want to be a writer?  Do you need some help?

I would love to be a writer. My problem? I don't take the time to write (I barely post often enough on my blogs) and I can't ever figure out what I want to write about. I LOVE to read. But I haven't come up with enough ideas on my own yet.  I could probably use a collaborator.

BUT...I do know two published authors. And I know other people who like to write, so I want to share something with you.

It's a service to help critique your writing! ( would be paying someone to tell you that you can or can't write.) I'm intrigued...and scared...and VERY interested.

I am most interested in her cheapest service. For $5 she will do a critique of your first 500 words. I think that's all I need for someone to tell me to keep going or give up. :)

So check it out and definitely let me know if you use her services.  I'll blog about my experience. She's running a contest to win some of her services as well.  You can read about that here:

And you should enter, you might be the winner!

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Have Chef Will Travel said...

Dani, only you can decide wether you can do something, and if you have a passion for something ,you can do it.
I still think your best stuff is your humorus moments involving your family. Your commentary, is very discriptive.

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