Monday, April 29, 2013

Still time to donate!

Good morning everyone!
There is still time to donate....and I'm still going to be a little absent from online social medias for a little while. I just wanted to get one last push for some donations for this great event! (I'll bug you all again later this week)

You could even join us at the zoo on Sunday. Let me know if you have questions.

I have 10 families that will be getting personalized Thank You artwork from Zoe!  Do you want one? Even a donation of just one dollar will get you one! (or even a penny...but I think you might have to give that to me in person...there might be a minimum donation on the website).

Click here to donate:

Read more about why we do this event here:

And if you know me personally and want to ask me "What is going on and why are you so busy?" just find me the old-fashioned way. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013


Why snarfblat? It's about the most polite word I could think of today.
Originally I had titled this post with a series of symbols and characters which would typically stand in for swear words. But if you don't have something nice to say, you should say nothing at all.

And then for some reason "Snarfblat" stuck in my head. Those who like Disney's "The Little Mermaid" will remember it's what Scuttle the bird calls a smoking pipe:

And you know what? The word and what is happening above, sums up how I feel right now. (and it's cheering me up at the same time)

Last week was a tough week for Boston. I grew up just south of Boston and if there is any city that I love (I'm more of a woods and lake kinda gal), it's the city of Boston. Nothing says "home" to me more than that city. I would travel through it on our way to and from Maine as a child. It was the airport I flew into every time I came home from a long trip. "Boston you're my home!"

So you can imagine after the last week my mind is a bit weary.
But on top of that, I have so many other things going on in my life.

Happening in the next two weeks:
I'm moving and packing...and my new house? Not ready yet.
Car inspection, oil change, other work and registration...needs to be done this week.
Fund raising for Cystic Fibrosis?  Yes, I reached my goal...but I'm going for more.  And I got my daughter started on those thank you pieces of artwork.
My sister-in-laws baby shower is coming up and I have been assisting the ladies hosting the party.
And then I started getting phone calls and letters from a mortgage company. Turns out my condo that I thought was out of my hair isn't quite out of it yet.
And my hubby bought a new car. (that was in Watertown..we weren't sure we were still getting it)
And the packing and the cleaning...and just taking care of a 2 year old.
But to top it all off?
My Mimi, the matriarch of my family, passed away.

So all that stuff I was going to work on this week? Now needs to be done in just a few days so I can go be with my family. I have another post planned for as well.
I'm going to be taking a break from blogging, social media and other stuffs so I can concentrate on family and getting things done. If I'm MIA for a will know why. I'll try to come back in a few weeks. (And I might squeeze in another post or two about Cystic Fibrosis.)

So when life gets you down....instead of getting angry, or mad...or even sad. Just think SNARFBLAT.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Momma Instinct

I've had a few moments of "mom" instinct. Ever hear the phrase "Mama Bear?". I've felt that too.

But this past weekend I got my first dose of what it really means.

We were at our new house (did I mention we are moving? I would use that as my excuse as to why I haven't been writing...but I really don't have one, just been very unmotivated lately.) and we were walking around our yard.

Zoe is pretty good on her feet but still falls down on uneven ground. So there were a few times that she was on her hands and knees. And sometimes in the leaves.

And I did briefly think about dirt and bugs and other creepy crawly things. But I dismissed it because I want my kid to be able to run around outside without me chasing her trying to keep her clean.

We then went out to grab some dinner with friends, and I pushed up Zoe's sleeves so they wouldn't get in her food.

And then I saw it.

A bug, on her arm. And then I realized it wasn't just any bug. It was a tick. And it had bitten her.

I didn't even think, I grabbed it by the base near it's head and pulled hard. It took me 2-3 attempts, but I got it out. I promptly put it in a napkin and walked to the ladies room to flush it.
It wasn't until I was facing the mirror and taking a deep breath that I realized what I had just done.


Immediately I washed my hands in the hottest water I could stand for about 5 minutes.

I don't touch bugs. I don't even touch dead bugs. I jump a mile if one comes near me. I use other objects to pick up dead bugs and toss them outside or throw them away. If there was a tick on me or on Oscar, I would use a pair of tweezers...and then freak out if I dropped it, etc. I do not touch bugs.

But my baby was in danger from this bug, this TICK. And I didn't even hesitate, I got it off of her.

Mama instinct. WHOA.

And I have had the creepy crawly heebie jeebies ever since. I searched her entire body for more, checked myself and I'm still convinced they are all over me. EWWWWW!

And I made sure that Oscar promptly got his tick/flea/bug treatment last night. And I'll be right on top of that all summer.  And now we need to treat our new yard...Anyone got tips for us?  Ewwwww!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fund Raising for Cystic Fibrosis: Almost There!

We are SO close to our goal for this years walk for Cystic Fibrosis, will you be the donation that puts us over our $500 goal?  I'm going to give an extra special thank you to the person who gets us over that goal...will it be you?

You know what would be awesome? If we could raise even MORE than our goal. Every dollar counts! Thank you!

You can donate here:

And read all about why we do this every year here:

(click the above link to see what you will get for helping us out!)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Don't Go to Mexico

Just please don't.

There is a lot of crime and corruption down there right now. And it's so unfortunate for those who just want to live their lives and can't get away from it. I feel for the innocent children caught up in all of this.

BUT...I think the rest of the world can send a message to countries just like NOT visiting. If the tourism stops, if the money stops, it sends a clear message.

We don't support this.

Don't get me started on pulling our money out of other countries.

Anyway, here is the article I read this morning that got me all fired up about it. You think the violence only happens far away from the tourist spots? Think again, this was in CANCUN.  You know that place right?  I went with my family for spring break my senior year of college. (our last family trip now that I think about it...)

And so did a lot of other spring breakers that year:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pocket Neighborhoods

Lots to do, and lots I should be doing instead of writing here.

But I saw this article the other day and I thought it was a neat concept. One thing I really liked when I went to visit Germany were the small villages. These "pocket" neighborhoods remind me of that.

I don't know how much I would like living in one of these neighborhoods...unless I really liked my neighbors. Do people get to know their neighbors anymore? Become friends with them?

I'm moving soon and I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any women in the neighborhood close to my age. I'm also pretty happy that my sister lives less than 3 miles away.

Now I just have to convince a cousin or two to move into town and my new town is going to be pretty awesome! :)

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Don't Save Your Pet?!

If you were at the beach with your dog and a huge wave came in and swept your dog out to sea...wouldn't your first instinct be to jump in and save your dog?  Unfortunately doing just this has caused a few deaths in California.  I'm not sure about every case, but I do know that in at least one of them, the dog survived.

Please read the article above and follow the advice in it. It could save your life (and your dogs life! consider a life vest for certain breeds!).

Friday, April 05, 2013

Mystic Aquarium!

Instead of reading my blog today, you should check out my best buddy Marybeth's blog!
She wrote about our visit last week to the aquarium.

Post a comment to this post (or hers!) and I will share some more aquarium photos! :)

Follow the link:

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Weight Loss Update

Weight loss.  It's a pesky subject. It's one I have been writing about for YEARS.

Remember 2 years ago when I successfully lost a whole bunch of weight?  And then I got pregnant.
I gained every pound back in pregnancy (average weight gain for pregnancy is exactly 30 pounds, go figure). And after Zoe was born, I got right back on the scale...and saw the same number as the day before she was born.

It takes a few days for all of that fluid and swelling to go away. For me that was about two weeks.
I think I read about how you lose a lot of fluids and stuff...but I don't remember anyone telling me that I would be sweating it night...

I'm pretty sure for the first month after my daughter was born, I was up every night insisting that someone had turned on the heat. :)  It was really all me, just sweating out all the fluids.

So after those first two weeks, I got on the scale and saw a number that was more real.

That number sticks in my head. I was around 148 when I got pregnant. I was down to 144.6 before I realized it. Back then I was tracking numbers like crazy. Calories, pounds, miles. It's amazing that I can still remember the exact numbers, but I do.

And I remember them because for the next two years...I would watch that 155 creep back up to almost 168 again.  Sigh. I never thought I would get back there.  And it took a LONG time (18 months or so) before I even felt like exercising again.
But I did.
And I got started. And I was doing VERY well.
Then I got a cold and I stopped exercising. This was at the beginning of February.

But I'm about to get rolling again. My workplace is participating in a walking program. And I joined in. The goal is 10,000 steps a day. Wish me luck.

And oh yeah, that 155 number?  I look good at that number.
And I know that because I'm finally back there again and I have been getting compliments lately. Unfortunately...about 5-6 pounds of that was from a stomach bug. But I'm feeling better. I think it's safe to eat normal foods again. And so with that, I'm going to eat healthy. And get on my treadmill for some more steps.

And now I just need to continue my journey back to 148.
And then 145.
With my goal of 140 to re-evaluate how I feel about my health and body.

But 155 feels pretty damn good. I feel like strutting. ;)

Monday, April 01, 2013

CF Event in Boston

Here is a neat event in Boston to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis:

If you like fancy hot dogs, that might just be your thing. :)

Speaking of fancy hot dogs, my family eats hot dogs with peanut butter on them.  I'm looking forward to eating one of those this summer. I would tell you the story behind it, but I'd rather hear it from my grandmother...maybe she can send me an email with the story and we can add it to my blog? :) (hint hint!)

And speaking of Cystic Fibrosis...I'll be reminding people on occasion to please donate to my page (even a small donation of one dollar will get you a thank you note from Zoe!).

You can read about it on my previous post here:

Or go straight to my donation page here:

You can also see a picture of Zoe with her friend Vivien, whom we do this walk for every year.