Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pocket Neighborhoods

Lots to do, and lots I should be doing instead of writing here.

But I saw this article the other day and I thought it was a neat concept. One thing I really liked when I went to visit Germany were the small villages. These "pocket" neighborhoods remind me of that.

I don't know how much I would like living in one of these neighborhoods...unless I really liked my neighbors. Do people get to know their neighbors anymore? Become friends with them?

I'm moving soon and I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any women in the neighborhood close to my age. I'm also pretty happy that my sister lives less than 3 miles away.

Now I just have to convince a cousin or two to move into town and my new town is going to be pretty awesome! :)

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Tara said...

I live on a shared driveway and now that it's warming up I'm actually starting to meet and become acquainted with my neighbors. One of the three houses on my drive has other kids under the age of 10, and the house on our other side has got some younger girls too. I think that a lot of the time, neighborhoods become close because the kids are friendly with each other. We'll see as Felicia and Hamond #2 get bigger!

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