Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Weight Loss Update

Weight loss.  It's a pesky subject. It's one I have been writing about for YEARS.

Remember 2 years ago when I successfully lost a whole bunch of weight?  And then I got pregnant.
I gained every pound back in pregnancy (average weight gain for pregnancy is exactly 30 pounds, go figure). And after Zoe was born, I got right back on the scale...and saw the same number as the day before she was born.

It takes a few days for all of that fluid and swelling to go away. For me that was about two weeks.
I think I read about how you lose a lot of fluids and stuff...but I don't remember anyone telling me that I would be sweating it night...

I'm pretty sure for the first month after my daughter was born, I was up every night insisting that someone had turned on the heat. :)  It was really all me, just sweating out all the fluids.

So after those first two weeks, I got on the scale and saw a number that was more real.

That number sticks in my head. I was around 148 when I got pregnant. I was down to 144.6 before I realized it. Back then I was tracking numbers like crazy. Calories, pounds, miles. It's amazing that I can still remember the exact numbers, but I do.

And I remember them because for the next two years...I would watch that 155 creep back up to almost 168 again.  Sigh. I never thought I would get back there.  And it took a LONG time (18 months or so) before I even felt like exercising again.
But I did.
And I got started. And I was doing VERY well.
Then I got a cold and I stopped exercising. This was at the beginning of February.

But I'm about to get rolling again. My workplace is participating in a walking program. And I joined in. The goal is 10,000 steps a day. Wish me luck.

And oh yeah, that 155 number?  I look good at that number.
And I know that because I'm finally back there again and I have been getting compliments lately. Unfortunately...about 5-6 pounds of that was from a stomach bug. But I'm feeling better. I think it's safe to eat normal foods again. And so with that, I'm going to eat healthy. And get on my treadmill for some more steps.

And now I just need to continue my journey back to 148.
And then 145.
With my goal of 140 to re-evaluate how I feel about my health and body.

But 155 feels pretty damn good. I feel like strutting. ;)

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