Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Giveaway: Flame in the Mist by Kit Grindstaff

Hey everyone!

It's my second giveaway!  A while back I won a giveaway and I was so excited about it the only thing I could think was that I wanted to share the love.

I won this giveaway, on Jessica Spotswood's blog:

When I received my swag, the author was so generous...I decided to share what I have won.
What will YOU win?  Keep reading...

First, let me tell you about the book, Flame in the Mist:
Set in an imagined past, this dark fantasy-adventure is for fans of Philip Pullman’s THE GOLDEN COMPASS. Features  Jemma, a fiery-headed heroine held captive in Agromond Castle, yet destined to save mist-shrouded Anglavia.
Fiery-headed Jemma Agromond is not who she thinks she is, and when the secrets and lies behind her life at mist-shrouded Agromond Castle begin to unravel, she finds herself in a chilling race for her life. Ghosts and misfits, a stone and crystals, a mysterious book, an ancient prophecy—all these reveal the truth about Jemma’s past and a destiny far greater and more dangerous than she could have imagined in her wildest fantasies. With her telepathic golden rats, Noodle and Pie, and her trusted friend, Digby, Jemma navigates increasingly dark forces, as helpers both seen and unseen, gather. But in the end, it is her own powers that she must bring to light, for only she has the key to defeating the evil ones and fulfilling the prophecy that will bring back the sun and restore peace in Anglavia.

Like most books...I had a hard time putting this one down.  I was a little uncomfortable with the age of our main character at certain points, but she was brave and fierce, loyal and kind. She is a great role model for young people today.  One thing that made me very's a stand alone book. You won't need to worry about waiting for the sequel to come out.  Unless there's going to be one?  (Kit? Any sequels planned?)

Enter the Rafflecopter below to win a prize pack that will include the book and other goodies like pins, posters and even some autographed items from the author!  (I do love to share!) Go for it, you know you need new books to read this summer!

And for extra bonus points...go follow (my other blog...please? I need more readers..and questions!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


KikiD said...

Lots of ya books, like Vampire Academy, Insurgent, The Morganville Vampires...

Amy Castonguay said...

I just got started on a new series by Seanan McGuire. The October Daye books combine faerie lore and murder mystery novels.

Also I popped over to the site where you won your goodies, my favorite pet sidekick is Faithful and Alanna in the Song of the Lioness trilogy.

Dani Vello said...

Thank you everyone for playing!! Amy H. is the winner!

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