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Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood

Here it is folks!  My first giveaway! interview with the author!
You may remember a while back when I blogged about this great new book I read. No? Which book? (I do blog about a few...) You can read about it here:
And here:
And here:

That last link has another link to the first chapter of Star Cursed…which is why I am writing today. Book 2 in the Cahill Witch Chronicles (Star Cursed) comes out in TWO WEEKS! YAY!!!
As you can see...I'm a little excited about these books and this author. Lucky for me, she understands I'm not too crazy and she allowed me to do a little email interview for my blog. There is a launch party for this event (I wish I could go!), so check out her website for everything you need to know, including sneak peeks at some of her chapters.
Without further ado, here is my interview...and stay tuned for my giveaway at the bottom of the post!

Jessica Spotswood grew up in a tiny one-stoplight town in Pennsylvania, where she could be found swimming, playing the clarinet, memorizing lines for the school play, or - most often - with her nose in a book. She's been writing since fourth grade but studied theatre in college and grad school. Now she lives in Washington, DC with her brilliant playwright husband and a cuddly cat named Monkey. BORN WICKED, Book 1 in The Cahill Witch Chronicles, is her first novel. Book 2, STAR CURSED, will be out June 18, 2013.

Jessica's website:

1. What kind of character/person is your favorite to write?
The best characters have very specific things they want and don't want. I think it's just as important to know your characters' worst fears (so you can force her to confront them) as her deepest desires. Maura has been really fun to write because she's so strong-willed.

2. In the Cahill Witch Chronicles, which character is:
a. Most like you?
 Tess or Rilla (you'll meet her in STAR CURSED)
b. Most likely to be your best friend?
c. Most likely to be your enemy?
Brother Ishida

3. I know it's difficult for your readers to wait for the next book, what is it like for you waiting for it to be released?
It's difficult for me, too! I finished copyedits back in November, and I can't wait for everyone to read it! I'm super-impatient now that reviews and reader reactions to the ARC are starting to come in. 

4. How hard is it to not accidentally give out a spoiler? For example you just finished the third book...we will probably be waiting about a year before it's actually finished and published. Is it difficult to not discuss it?
Ag, I really wanted to talk about book 3 as I was writing it, but I definitely don't want to spoil any of the twists and turns of book 2! I'm very grateful to my critique partners and my husband, who read early drafts and let me brainstorm with them freely.

5. Have you ever let a spoiler slip out by accident?
I don't think so? I try to be really really careful!

6. If you could have dinner with the following people...who would it be:
a. Famous person, alive or passed away?
L.M. Montgomery (I love her books!)
b. Fictional Character?
Anne of Green Gables (or if I'm being shallow, Po from GRACELING, who's my book boyfriend)
c. Someone from your past?
my grandmother
d. Someone from your future?
my hypothetical future child

7. What is your favorite color?

8. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
cardamom gelato

9. What is the one book you just can't wait to read this coming year?

10. If someone was to open your bag or purse....what would the items inside say about you? 
I've almost always got a book or my ereader with me, so they'd know I'm a reader. I also carry a stack of Cahill Witch Chronicles bookmarks and a ton of pens and a notebook, which would indicate that I'm a writer too. And I tend to have a bunch of lipsticks and eyeshadows and moisturizers jumbled up in there, which probably says I like makeup - but tend to do it very last-minute in the car!

Thank you Jessica for taking the time to answer my questions! And now...for readers.  Would you like to win a copy of the first book in this series, Born Wicked?  YES you would.
I will pick one lucky winner this weekend to receive a copy of this book.  You can enter by using the Rafflecopter link below or you can simply subscribe to my email list on the right. 
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