Tuesday, July 09, 2013

She Doesn't Do Mornings

I'm a morning person. I never really thought I was until I got older and lived with other people and I realized that I had a much easier time in the morning than they did. Some people can get up and function but they aren't quite awake for a while.
Some people just need coffee, like my hubby and my mother.

I'm not sure what to give a two year old ....she can't have coffee.

Yesterday morning was tough for her, it was the Monday after a long holiday weekend where her schedule was slightly off and she had a lot of people around and lots of excitement.

But really, it wasn't all that different from other mornings (today wasn't much better!).

Most mornings, I have to wake her up. (kids are so cute when sleeping!) Most mornings after I wake her up, she tries to jump up and get up. And then she stands there shaking (because she isn't awake) and starts whining and sometimes starts to cry.  A few times she will just grab her blanket, pull it up over her head and say "noooo...".

What am I going to do when she is a teenager?!

I have managed to catch the jumping up, shaking and then crying on video.  But not the blanket over the head not getting up thing.  I should stop taking videos of her in the morning.

So once I get her up...she moves so slowly. Like a sloth. She shuffles her feet and barely responds to me. Then we get to breakfast. Where she will stare at it.  And some mornings she even says "no breakfast." :(

Weekends are usually a little better because I let her "sleep in" and she wakes up on her own. But even then she will still move very slowly. And take forever to eat her breakfast.

You would think I just need to put her to bed earlier.  But I already put her to bed at 7pm and she will toss and turn until 9pm. I'm not sure how to help her fall asleep!

But I'm also not sure that more sleep will necessarily make her a morning person.  Because hubby can sleep 14 hours and still move like a sloth in the morning. So I guess she inherited that from her Dada. I should just keep him in charge of their morning schedule...

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KJ said...

LJ doesn't do mornings and she hasn't done them since she was a kid. She has always been a night person. Not sure what the solution is... :( Aunt Kathy

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