Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toys R Us "Clearance Blast"

Wow...last week flew by! And by the time it was Friday, I realized I didn't post all week!

I was on "vacation" (daycare was closed) and we had family visiting.  So I was waaaay too busy to get on here and write. So I apologize for that.  The good news?  Now I have LOTS of things to write about so you can expect new posts all week.  If I don't get too distracted that is...

I owe you guys lots of Summer Reading List updates and I wanted to tell you about my week last week.  But more importantly....I want to complain about something.

You see, right now Toys R Us in the middle of it's "Clearance Blast".  So my sister-in-law and I went. Needless to say, I was less than impressed. A clearance sale to me should be significantly marked down prices. When you are having a clearance sale, it's because you want to clear your shelves for new merchandise.
A $2 discount does not equal a clearance price, that's a sale price (and a crappy one at that).

Now I realize that when the sign says "Up to 70% off select items" that they can have just one silly item marked 70% off and then their advertising is truthful.  However, I expect clearance prices, not $2 off sale prices. And the real killer?  When they took ONE CENT off the price of an item and called it clearance. I'm not kidding.

Don't believe me?

Check this out:

So we take ONE CENT off the price, and now it's clearance?

It was the end of the hours for the store and I didn't feel like complaining to some poor store manager who probably had no control over this, but I wouldn't mind hearing from Toys R Us Corporate headquarters about this.  Anyone know who can explain this to me?

I'm not looking for any good "deals" from TRU.  I know that I can get much better toy prices at Amazon, Walmart and Target (like the Imaginext Dragon at Target, I got it for $24, but at Toys R Us it was $40. At Target it was a clearance price with 30% off original do the math, even at full price, that's still cheaper at Target).

However...when I see a sign that brags about clearance prices...I expect to see actual real clearance prices.  A one penny discount is just stupid.  I feel bad for the employee who had to post that sign. It's just embarrassing.  Any thoughts from my audience?

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