Monday, August 05, 2013

Camping: What I Learned.

I have been camping most of my life.

When I was younger I went every year with my cousins to a gorgeous State Park. We LOVED it. In fact we loved it so much, as adults, we continue to visit this same campground.  Anthony would like me to try new campgrounds every year, but I'm a little attached to this one.

However this past weekend we did try a new campground. And we brought Zoe. And we brought Oscar.  This wasn't technically Zoe's first time (we stayed one night with my cousins last year in their RV) and Oscar has been camping a whole bunch, he loves it.

But we did learn a few things....

1. When the weather forecast calls for 30% chance of rain, your odds seem pretty good. But we were up in the that was pretty much a guarantee of rain.

2. Leaving after 5pm on a Friday to travel north is just never a good idea.

3. It is possible to set up a tent in the dark. And in the rain. And even in the thunder and lightning.

4. Our tent stays mostly dry!

5. Because we had the rain fly on inside out (oops..see #3).

6. Toddlers do not go to bed at "bedtime" while camping.

7. And then they don't sleep in either.

8. And then they get grumpy and whiny.

9. And the bathroom is the most fascinating part of the campground.

10. Despite the rain and the lack of organization we had a blast. :)

We started an excel spreadsheet packing list for the next time we go camping. I'm hoping to turn this into a yearly tradition with a week long camping trip at my favorite campground in the future.  Soon it will be very easy to just pack up and go.

Because I have also learned that I am ready for a pop-up or small camper. ;)

Stay tuned this week...more Summer Reading book reviews coming!  And maybe I'll update on my weight loss, etc...(I'll give you a hint..there's been none of that.)

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KJ said...

I loved camping as a teen. We camped at different campgrounds as we belonged to a Maine camping group. But it was fun. I've never camped as an adult. Probably wouldn't like doing it in a tent at my "old" age. LOL - KJ

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