Thursday, August 08, 2013

My daughter the music snob.

Okay, so she really isn't a snob...but her taste in music is interesting.

Her newest thing is calling out requests in the car, or saying who the artist or song is when it comes on the radio.  If she likes the artist, but she doesn't know who it is, she'll ask "Who dis?".

If she doesn't like the song she will ask "Different song!".  And if she hasn't made up her mind she is silent. Or she isn't paying attention. :)

Want to know what she likes?


Robin Thicke:

Daft Punk:

Imagine Dragons:

Selena Gomez:

Justin Bieber?  nope.
Chris Brown? nope.
Beatles? nope (sorry Beatles fans!)

Elvis?  Yes!

Miley Cyrus?  nope. 
(can't blame her there, I don't like the latest song either though I am a Miley fan)

What else does she like?  Mostly dance/electronic music. She isn't a big country fan but she does like Patsy Cline:

And The Band Perry:

Does my daughter have interesting taste in music?  I think so!

The other day when I picked her up she was requesting Imagine Dragons. Looks like I might need to pick up their album. :)

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