Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SRL: Running out of time

Did you enter my contest yesterday? If not, go back and check out the post.

It really is the coolest thing in the world to write back and forth with some of your favorite authors. I feel really lucky I got picked to join the tour. :)

So what is going on with my Summer Reading List?  Well, mainly I am running out of time.

I borrowed most of the books on my list from the library and they are due to be returned when school starts back up. Which is in about two and half weeks.

So what should I do?  Should I skip the "second" books in the series I'm reading? 

Skip books I have already read?

Let me know your thoughts!  I'm running out of time!

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Tara said...

I just finished the two Unwind books and now I'm really anxiously awaiting publication of the third. Really interesting stuff, conceptually. I really enjoyed them so far. I've still got the Forman, Roth, Souders and Stone books left to read, plus Tankborn and Between You and Me. I wouldn't skip, Summer is just a label. Can you renew them? Or, return them and get them again.

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