Thursday, September 19, 2013

What should a 2.5 year old know?

This article has been floating around facebook pages and internet this week:

If you don't feel like reading it, the basics behind it are what a 4 year old should know and how as a society we have become way too competitive and worried about the wrong things.

And I completely agree.  But I will admit that the first place my brain went was "How much does my 2.5 year old know compared to other 2.5 year olds?".

So I thought about it.  She knows a lot of things, but we can thank our wonderful daycare provider for most of that.  We didn't teach her numbers or colors or shapes or ABC's.  I'm sure we helped when it came to please and thank you's.  We do try to reinforce what she learns during the day.

So is she behind, ahead or right with other toddlers?  I have no idea.  Most of the time I don't worry about it.  But I decided she will be okay because she can do other things.

She can take off her shoes. And her socks.  And toss them into the back of my car.
She has a knack for doing that when I specifically need these items on her feet so we can go into a store.

She can clearly tell me when she DOESN'T want something.

She knows when Dada is making bacon for breakfast.

She can name all the top 40 pop artists on the radio....and sometimes the songs too!

And the other day I realized Dada was teaching her something as well. Because we walked in front of my car and she stopped, pointed at the emblem on the front and said:

"Look Mamma!  Honda!  Mamma's car is a Honda."

Yep.  We teach her the important things.

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