Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I do love this holiday.  But I have to feels just off for me this year.
There's that whole exciting Red Sox winning the World Series thing that just happened.

And it's also because my town does trick-or-treating on the Sunday before Halloween. In the middle of the day.  From 1pm-4pm. Right in the middle of the Patriots game.
(didn't anyone check the schedule?!)

This past Sunday we passed out candy and took our daughter trick-or-treating.  And I loved it!  The nice thing about the daylight is that I could see my neighbors (most of whom I hadn't met yet!) and I didn't need to worry about my daughter falling into a ditch (yes we have these) or getting lost with a bunch of other kids.

Zoe loved getting candy.  She kept saying lets go get costumes (candy) and she would go up to someone and just say "thank you" (and using sign language which everyone thought was her blowing kisses) and then AFTER receiving the candy...she would then say trick-or-treat.

I had a hard time dragging her home for the last hour, but it was cold out and Mamma had had enough. (next year we will get the bigger neighborhood down the street)

Once we were at home, she loved passing out the candy almost as much as she liked collecting it. She had a blast and so did I.  (we actually ran out of candy!)

BUT...then it was over.  And I'm a take down the decorations as soon as the fun is done type of person. I like just cleaning it all up and putting it away.  I don't like it to linger.  But Halloween was still five days away.  So it's been sitting around.  And now tonight is Halloween.  And we have nothing planned and I just kinda a scrooge?  Is it too early for Christmas references?

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She is a stinkin' cute kid!

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