Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hash Browns

I've had writer's block.

Or I've been in a blogger's funk.  I could say I've been very busy...but I haven't been so busy I couldn't put in a quick update.  I've thought about different things I could write about.

But maybe you don't want to hear about my daughter's potty training?

I could write about my trip to visit a friend...maybe I'll do that later. I had something happen that was making me I had to share.

This morning Zoe and I were on our own for breakfast. I decided to treat her to some Dunkin Donuts. Okay, okay...I really wanted the Dunkin Donuts. I had already loaded her up with some apple cider and cereal at home, but I thought she might enjoy a munchkin.

Then while in line at the drive-thru, I got a better idea....hash browns! If you haven't tried the Dunkin Donuts hash browns yet, you should give them a try, they are very yummy.

As predicted, she loved the hash browns. But she had difficulty remembering what they were called.
She kept referring to them as brownies.

Fast forward...

It's the end of the day, I pick her up from daycare and she says:
"Mama..I want some brownies!"

And I laugh and say: "No, you mean hash browns."

Silence from the back of the car. Then I hear:

"Mama, I want some hash brownies."

I'm pretty sure the entire vehicle shook with my laughter.
Ummm.....oops?   :)


Have Chef Will Travel said...

I am sure the Hippies of the family will get it. Kids say the darndest things!

KJ said...

LOL... that's too cute!

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