Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A crappy year or a learning year?

This blog post is 100% inspired by one of my favorite authors, Jessica Spotswood.
She wrote on her blog about her "learning year".  This was her positive spin on saying 2013 sucked.

And I agree, 2013 was just a not so fun year for me either.  I'm very much looking forward to 2014 with lots of hope and promise.  Want to read what she wrote?  Here is the link:

I wasn't even going to write today.  I once again was going to leave my blog a little silent this week.
But I do enjoy blogging and I'm hoping to start refreshed in 2014.  And then I read Jessica's post and I thought...that's what I need to do.  I need to reflect on this year and decide what did I learn?

So....everything above I wrote on December 30th with full intention of posting it today, Dec. 31st.
And then this morning I got up, got ready for work, stepped out of my bedroom and stepped directly into dog puke.

And it didn't stop was all over the house and it was from both ends of my poor dog who was cowering in a corner knowing he had done a "bad" thing.
If you have been reading my blog for a few years, you might remember that a similar incident happened the last time I was pregnant.
You can review those posts here, but I wouldn't if you are eating:

I thought it was bad three years ago. It was much much much MUCH worse this morning.
And then when I was finally on my way to work I thought, was a perfect way to end a crappy year.
Crappy, get it? :)

And then I smiled. I can't wait for 2014.
I was going to recap my year and tell you all the bad stuff that happened and then try to find some meaning in it and what did I learn etc?  But instead...I'm going to say, goodbye 2013!  You were a very interesting year.

Hello 2014...what are you bringing me?  Besides a baby boy?.... will probably be another "crappy" year.  Oh well. :)


P.S. I did have a few good things happen this year.  Like happy folks getting married and buying a house and stuff like that. Overall, I'm one very lucky lady and I realize that. Better blog posts coming soon!

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LisaJo Grummell said...

I think I'm part of the P.S. part.. and along with the new baby in 2014 you have new people who live close by to help out :) I'm looking forward to a new year and all the new stuff... Happy New Year to you as well!

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