Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Things

Going around facebook a few weeks ago was a "game" where you would list a number of things that people may or may not know about you.  If you commented on got assigned a number.

I really enjoyed reading what people had to say.

And then I got assigned a number.  And I wanted to make sure I wrote something good. And then I realized it would make a great blog post.

So here we go, in no particular order, are 5 things, you may or may not know about me.

1. I like bass. As in bass guitar. Or the cello. I don't know why but something about those deep tones just really get to me. Sometimes it's a funky dance beat or a rocking song...but that bass guitar gets to me every time. When I listen to music, I tend to really go for that bass sound.

2. I love to host parties (at-home products, holiday parties, birthday party, etc) that probably doesn't surprise you. Here is the part you might not thing I hate about being host? I feel like I never get enough one-on-one time with my guests. I'm too busy running around making sure everyone has what they need that I don't get to really enjoy the party.  But I won't stop hosting them, way too much fun. Plus it gives me an excuse (or a reason) to clean my house. So as much as I love hosting, I always feel bad after the party that I didn't get to hang out with you.

3. I'm a kid at heart. My kids are lucky because I enjoy watching kids movies, kids shows and I LOVE TOYS. Seriously. I would much rather have a Lego set for Christmas than some kitchen gadget or jewelry or even a new Kate Spade purse. It's actually really hard for me to hold back and not buy everything I see in the toy store. I'm looking forward to someday decorating their rooms and playroom.

4. I can't sleep after I watch any movie that wasn't happy. If it had too much drama or action or serious subjects...I'll be up all night thinking about it.  Scary movies are definitely out of the question. Bring on the Disney, Romantic Comedies and kid's shows thank you. I need the happy ending.

5. My favorite word in the English language is ....FACETIOUS.  When I was in high school the assistant principal poked his head in my art class and was joking around with my teacher. He made the comment that he was being facetious. I didn't know what that meant. So I looked it up. And then I found out that it contained all of the vowels. In alphabetical order. And now it's my favorite word.

What do you think? Did I mention something you didn't know?  Could I have done better?

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Aunt Kathy said...

You did great and I didn't know about your favorite word facetious. And I even checked the spelling to make sure the vowels really were in alphabetical order!

I'm just like you with movies. I cannot watch horror movies or deeply dramatic movies and sleep well. I watch comedies, old black & white movies and romantic comedies. As I tell Larry, I watch movies to be entertained, to leave the drama of the real world behind for a short time and enjoy a fantasy. I can get drama on the nightly news, I want FUN in my movies.

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