Friday, March 21, 2014

Facebook: Another reason I hate it.

I've made no secret of my distaste for Facebook.

Unfortunately it's one of the only places I am able to connect with some they don't use email or the phone...or maybe it's just the convenience of Facebook? drives me nuts.  I hate that we now rely on social media to get information to our friends and family.  Family should NEVER have to rely on Facebook. They should at least get a personal email.  But better a phone call.  Close friends I can kind of understand maybe getting an email.

Maybe a text if you can't reach someone?

But some news should always be delivered by a personal phone call.
Which is why I won't be announcing my baby's arrival on Facebook.  Or Google+.  Or Twitter.

Instead...those that should be getting phone calls will get them.  Others may get a text message. And the majority will receive an email. (but only because it's faster than regular mail)

I'm sure in time I will post something on Facebook because I do have friends that only communicate with me through this medium.  (If it's two weeks past my due date...assume I had the baby...)

The reason for my sudden need to talk about it?  Recently I had a friend discover that a family member had passed away. She found out from a Facebook post.  Not a private message or even a post to her wall.  But random messages posted to her family member's wall about sending condolences.


THIS is the age we live in?  Where we find out that someone DIED via a Facebook message?!

When discussing it with other people (besides myself...because I was very upset on her behalf), the response was "well, that's just the way it is now."

And you know what? It's only that way because we accept it that way.  If we stop accepting it, put our foot down, then it won't be that way.  A death in the family (or birth announcement) should always be personal. Not something to be publicly discussed on a public forum. (at least not until after all the family members have been informed!)

I refuse to accept it this way.  I hope you will as well.

For the record, I also refuse to do Happy Birthday messages on Facebook as well.  At the very least take a few minutes to pen a nice heartfelt personal private message or email.  I would cherish those MUCH more than I would a "Happy Birthday" post because oh yeah....Facebook reminded you it was my birthday.  You didn't actually remember on your own.

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