Monday, March 03, 2014


Anyone familiar with the song Timber by Kesha and Pitbull?


Here's a link for you.  It's safe for work...just not entirely rated G.

Okay, got the gist of it?

When this song first came out, I found it really annoying. I think it was the harmonica.  Whenever it came on the radio, I promptly switched the station. Fast forward and my husband and my cousin's husband have decided this is their new favorite song.

Haha, okay guys wicked funny.

Except that they had been playing it for my daughter. Who was now requesting it in the car. And LOVES the song.  Yay?  So then the song became funny. A sort of anthem for us cousins.  Then I had this conversation last week with my daughter:

From the backseat I hear:
"Timber! Mom, turn it up!"
(I'm she almost 3 or almost 13?)

Then she says:
"Momma, Kesha is the girl, and she's a princess." (awww)
"Pitbull is the boy and he's a prince."  (This is where I started snickering.)
"Pitbull dances with Kesha. It's nice of him to dance with her."

And since my daughter decided to turn "Timber" into a fairy tale....let's say yes, almost 3.

Now the best part?  She's started singing the song....sigh.

Time to start screening her music.  (You hear that Dada and Uncle James!?)

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