Monday, March 17, 2014

Tough Love.

I've got another kid-story post for you.

When I was around three years old, my mom had to send me to bed "hungry" because I refused to eat dinner. She told me how I cried in my room that I was hungry and it broke her heart to hear me that upset, but she stayed strong and I never refused to eat my dinner again. (something like that)

My own daughter can also be very picky (when she wants to be) and will sometimes not want to eat.  So I have been waiting for the day when I felt she was old enough to understand there would be no other choice of food to eat before I tried to do the same tough love on her.

She has refused dinner and asked for food later...and I have given in.  But she will be three at the end of this month and she's a really smart little I know it's coming.  Soon.  I will have to send her to bed "hungry" and stay strong when she cries and says she wants something to eat.

During my last few weeks of pregnancy is probably NOT the best time to try this...but I had my first test this weekend.  My husband had made us a great dinner.  We had fish, noodles and green beans.  My daughter normally loves noodles and we figured if we got her to try the fish she would like it.  But we knew the green beans were not happening unless they changed into cheese or bacon. :)

Instead of eating, she just stared at her plate and banged her fork on the table. She didn't want to try the fish and she didn't even want the noodles.  After about ten minutes of her doing everything BUT eating at the table, I ran out of patience.  I turned the chair towards me and I explained to her that this was her only option for dinner.  She told me she didn't want dinner.  I asked if she was hungry, and she told me she was not hungry.

So I let her be "excused" from the table while my hubby and I finished eating.

I fully expected her to ask for something else to eat.
She did not.

I expected her to let me know she was hungry before bed.
She did not.

I definitely expected some sort of "I'm hungry" when going to bed.
She did not say a thing.

And then I was convinced that I would be woken up in the middle of the night by a crying hungry child.
She slept through the night without a peep.

Go figure.  Either she's so smart that she listened to me about no other food options (not likely) or she truly wasn't hungry.  I was all ready to be tough this weekend.  Looks like I'll need to try another time.

This kid might be too smart for least she knows if she's truly hungry or not!  :)

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