Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back Seat Driving

Kids say the cutest things right?

My kid is a back seat driver.  It started innocently enough.

We talked about different colors we would see....including traffic lights.  And we learned that green means go, red means stop and yellow means slow down. (though I had a few people try to tell me it meant to go faster...)

We also learned that the orange hand means don't walk, etc.

And soon she was saying "Go!!!" when the light turned green.  And "Mama, that light was red."
(uh....sure it wasn't orange?)

But the latest thing she said to me, she was definitely right. And I laughed so hard I almost had to pull over.

I was bringing her to daycare the other day and I wanted to move into the left lane. The driver in that lane was coming up fast, so I put my blinker on so that I could move after they went by.  Then they just stayed in my blind spot instead of going past me (and the slow driver in front of me).  So I came out with "Hello???" and my daughter asked me who I was saying hello to. I explained that I was talking to the car.  She said "oh."

Then a few minutes later the traffic was coming to a fork in the could go right or left.
The driver in front of me started to go right.....then changed their minds at the last minute and went left, and cut me off.  So I came out with "Where are you going?"  (my language and statements have become a LOT less interesting since kids have started riding with me.)

All of these statements were in a conversational tone, I wasn't yelling at the cars.
Then my daughter says to me again "Mom, who are you saying "where are you going" to?".

I again explained that I was talking to the car in front of me.
There was a brief silence from the back seat and then she said:
(excuse the stutter, but this is what she said)

"Mom, you can't talk to the cars because because because the cars can't hear you."

Smart kid.  Guess I'll stop "talking" to those other drivers. ;)

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