Monday, June 09, 2014

Both kids napping

Right now both my kids are the same time.

I got caught up on the news.  Read all my emails.  Wrote a lot more emails that were needed...

And here I am at my blog.  Which I have missed a LOT.

Many cute things/moments have happened in the past few months with my kids and I wanted to write about them all.  But whenever I had a free moment, I found something else to do with my time.

Take a nap.  Clean the house.  Do a load of laundry.
Spend time with my kids, play with them, feed them.

A few days ago my parents took both kids for a few days so I could get some much needed stuff done at my house.  I managed to clean out my entire barn and create an office space for my husband.  I got about half the pantry done before my kids came back.

I probably could have finished the pantry....but instead I took my last peaceful shower. :)

More posts coming soon.  I can't wait to start my Summer Reading list this year!

I was debating adding "The Fault in our Stars" to my list.  Opinions?

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Tara said...

I've already read TFIOS, it was pretty good. I'm tempted to go see the film but 1) where would I find the time and 2) no one needs to see me sobbing in public. Guess I'll wait for the DVD. But I would definitely recommend it for your list, if you think you've room. It has no sequels and I don't think he's planning any.

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