Friday, June 27, 2014

Early mornings.

I am a morning person.

When I was younger I never realized that I was a morning person.  I do like staying up late but even when I stay up late, I have a fairly easy time waking up in the morning.  Especially in the summer when the sun is also up much earlier.

My mom is not a morning person. (at least not before that first cup of coffee) I have had roommates who are NOT morning people.  (here's a link to one of my best friends over at Alarm Clock Wars:

My husband is not a morning person.

Even my daughter is not a morning person:

These two photos were taken almost a year apart. When she doesn't want to get up in the morning she will put her blanket over her head.  She is "awake" in both of these photos, just refusing to get up.

Until I had my first child I thought that it was a choice to be a morning person or not. I didn't understand how my friends or family members couldn't just get up.  When my hubby told me that our daughter hated mornings (didn't want to get up...dragged her feet...took forever to drink her bottle) I didn't believe him. Then I had to start getting her up after we moved....and I realized something.

Some people are just not morning people and they were just born that way.

And I accepted it.  And then I got pregnant again.  And it was not a secret that I really hoped my second child would be a morning person like myself.  Because it's hard enough to have TWO people moving slow as molasses in the morning when Mama has to get out the door by 7am.  (really I need to be leaving the driveway at that time.)

And guess what?  I got my wish, my son is a morning person!

He smiles like that almost every morning.  He is also up with the sun.  Or just beforehand at 4:30am.
We are working on him being a slightly later in the morning person.  :)

So what prompted this post?  Well today I was lying in bed after I woke up almost with the sun myself. (around 5:30am) I was thinking about my day and things I needed to do.  And then I realized something. I could go to work early!!  (which means I can leave early!)

My parents have the kids and we will be meeting up with them later. I jumped out of bed and got ready for work as fast as I could.  I got in my car and I thoroughly enjoyed my commute with the radio as loud as I wanted.  There were less cars on the road.  Starbucks was faster.  Work was silent.  And I got a ton of stuff done to start my day.

Ahhhhhh.....I really miss my early mornings.   :)

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KJ said...

I've always been a morning person too. In fact, no work today and I was still awake and up at 5 am. I've always been one to get right up when I wake, never could just lay around the bed. Being a morning person means I can get more things done with fewer interruptions, as the non-morning people are still sleeping. :)

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