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The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

Hey everyone - how goes your summer reading?

Mine is moving right along!  So that means it's time for me to start talking about these great books I have been reading.  The first series was "The Selection" series by Kiera Cass.

You can find all of her books here, on the Amazon page:

Or find all sorts of information and goodies here:

She is a very funny lady, I highly recommend you watch some of her videos.
I think my favorite part of living in today's time is that you can reach your favorite authors through social media. You can follow their blogs, get the latest updates and sometimes....even get cool stuff.

Check it out:

What you see above is a key chain that I got for having the final book in this series pre-ordered.

Okay, so if you didn't pick up these books yourself, what are they about?

In my words:
The story takes place in a future United States and there is now a monarchy ruling the country.  The country has a new name and there is very little you would recognize about this country.  The prince has come of age and it's time for him to get married.  Girls from all over the country are selected to live at the palace and eventually the prince will pick one to marry.  They get eliminated one by one until the new princess is left.
This is all filmed for the country's amusement.
And oh yeah, there's a rebellion happening because some folks are not happy about the monarchy.

There are three books in this series and there are a few short stories (novellas) as well.  I recommend reading in this order:
1. The Selection
This is told from the main character's point of view.  Her name is America and she wants nothing to do with the prince or the palace.  She enters the contest at the pressure of her parents and her boyfriend. He then dumps her. So she ends up at the palace heartbroken.
1a. The Prince 
The Selection (and a little before The Selection started) but with the Prince's point of view.  I really wanted to see a lot more from Prince Maxon's point of view, but I appreciate what little we get here.
2. The Elite
America is now okay with being at the palace...and now she likes the prince a lot more than she thought she would.  But there are a few complications.  And shocking twists to the story.
2a. The Guard
Remember that boyfriend who dumped America in The Selection?  This is his point of view.
3. The One
An incredibly well done conclusion to the series. I don't want to say too much here...but let's put it this way. I have now read this series twice. :)
And....coming soon, in December 2014 will be another short story about the Queen (Prince Maxon's mother) and her own Selection.  How did she fall in love with someone that no one else seems to like?

Did I tease you enough?  Did I give away any spoilers?
If you are really copy of The One has an extra chapter told from yet another character's point of view.  (I LOVE it when authors do this!!)

At this time I do not have copies to giveaway.  But I do have copies for those who would like to borrow them from me.  Please let me know!   Did you read The Selection Series?  What did you think?

Summer of Sequels - See the full list here:

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