Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Unless you are living in a bubble secluded from the internet, I'm sure you have heard by now that Robin Williams passed away.  It's appearing to be an apparent suicide.  This is incredibly sad.  And it's a great opener to discuss mental illness.

Robin Williams may have appeared on the outside to lead a charmed life, but he battled demons just like anyone else.  From what I have read he battled drug addiction, alcohol abuse, bi-polar disorder and more.

I hope that anyone reading this ....if you are sad or depressed, get help!
I know it's hard.  Getting help....admitting you need help.  That is the biggest hardest hurdle. Admitting your life isn't perfect.

But at the very least TALK to someone.

Please don't be another statistic.  And so that I'm not being a hypocrite, I promise to write soon about some of my own struggles.  The best way to get more people to be to be honest and admit your own problems. is not that day.  I'm in a really good place right now.  Life is....let's say life is WONDERFUL.
I have a lot to be happy and thankful for and I am both happy and thankful.

Instead I want to share how Robin Williams influenced my own life.

I wasn't really a big fan of his work. I found his method of comedy uncomfortable.  I didn't really see his serious work.  I just....wasn't a fan.

But there is one movie that definitely influenced me.  A big impact.
And since Robin was known for his ad-lib...he may have even come up with the quote I use the most in my line of work.  I frequently compare my work as an IT support person (Systems Administrator if you want to get technical) to that of a genie.  Specifically...THE Genie from Aladdin.

And it didn't hit me until I said that one phrase again I frequently do...

"Phenomenal cosmic powers!.....itty bitty living space."

Here is my post from Feb 2011, please enjoy!

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