Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween 2014

We are just about prepped and ready to go.

The dust in my house just adds to that whole Halloween feel right?  Like cobwebs right?

Our town celebrates Halloween on the Sunday before Halloween. In the middle of the afternoon. Chances are there is a football game on at the same time.  This stinks.

Last wasn't too bad. I got to meet all my neighbors which was nice.

This year we invited some friends over to watch the game.  And it will be fun to see all the kids in their costumes.  I still might have to do something on the actual Halloween night though.  Otherwise, after will feel like it's all over already.

So...are we ready?  yep!

1. Decorated the house with our least scary decorations.  Hey, my oldest is three, don't want nightmares. I like sleeping at night thank you very much.

2. Candy is sorted.  Wait...why do we sort candy before the fun begins?  We put our favorite candy in the bottom of the barrel. We do this so that just in case there is any leftover, we will have our favorites at the end. (we had none leftover last year....)

3. Small cheap toys are ready.  This is for the kids with food allergies. We are participating because I also have food allergies and it would suck if I went trick or treating and I couldn't actually get anything.  Want more information about this? It's called the Teal Pumpkin project:

4. Fruit snacks are ready for the wee little ones who can't eat candy.  We even have granola bars if anyone is feeling like a granola bar.

5. Costumes are ready.  I have a She-Ra t-shirt.  Easiest and Best costume. EVER.

6. Friends invited over to watch football game and enjoy the fun.

7. Football snacks, Halloween snacks....bring it!  We are ready!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Astrology! HA!

Whenever someone said to me "how can astrology be true?" I always said that certain factors absolutely must influence how someone turns out.  And if the things stated in this article are showing to be true...then why not the stars, moon, etc.

After all...we already know the moon affects the ocean.

For your reading pleasure:

There are exceptions to every rule of course.
What do you think?

Friday, October 03, 2014


I'm not really sure why...but people want to take over October.

October to me is about Autumn and Halloween.  That's about it.

But now it's about Boot-tober. (advertisement I saw online)
Or Brick-tober.  (Legos...okay, I kinda like this one.)
Or Crock-tober.  (mmmm....chili)

But really?  Can't we just leave October alone?

What other ones have you found?

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

True Love

I wish I could bottle the smell of apple crisp baking.  MMMmmmm. Yum.  There's some in the oven right now.  If you are a frequent reader of my blog you know that I am allergic to apples.  Can't eat them at all.  I even carry an epipen for them.  And the worst part?  I can remember what they taste like. I KNOW what I am missing.  And what I am missing is something AMAZING.

So why would I bake an amazing dessert that I won't be able to eat?

Story Time!

Back in 2005 I started seeing this guy.  He found out I knew how to bake apple pie.  And he said "You're going to bake me a pie." And I laughed in his face because I made pie for no man.

I baked pies for friends and for family...but for a guy I was dating?  Uh uh. Never happening.
This independent female doesn't get in the kitchen and bake for a man.

But that Sunday afternoon he showed up at my apartment with two huge bags of apples. He had gone apple picking with his mom.  Since we had just started dating I thought it was really sweet of him to go apple picking with his mother. Little did I know....he had entirely selfish motivations for getting these apples.

He wanted pie.

He put the apples down on my kitchen table and I laughed at him.

He then said let's go for a drive. And the next thing I knew we were at the grocery store, walking down the aisles picking out the ingredients I would need to bake apple pie and apple crisp.  Back at my apartment I started on the pie crust while he started cutting and peeling the apples.

I can vividly remember this moment and can picture the entire scene in my head.  While I laid out the crust I was thinking "Why am I making pie for this man?"

Two pies and one apple crisp later I had a very happy guy in my apartment.
And I was one confused lady.

The following week my roommate said to me "You are going to marry him."
And she was right.

Because it's nine years later.  We've been married five years, we have a dog and two children.

And tonight, because I love him, I made him TWO apple crisps.

And he even still cut and peeled the apples.