Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Miss America - Definitely outdated. :)

This is definitely worth 15 minutes of your free time.  Watch the whole thing. :)

I have no problem with beauty pageants...just call a spade a spade.

It is not and will not ever be a scholarship pageant unless you remove all the parts where appearance is judged and start basing the criteria on GPA and essays.  I still enjoy watching the costumes, dresses and talent parts of these shows...but can we stop the interviews please?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's dust this off...

Brush, brush...sweep sweep....

It's been a while!  I've missed blogging.

I commented the other day to my husband that blogging seems to be dying.  It's too easy to quickly communicate our thoughts with social media.  And let's face it...our readers would rather quickly get an update in a newsfeed than read an entire blog post.

BUT...I still enjoy reading. And writing.  And one of my goals this year is to get back into my writing.  And therefore...blogging. :)

What else am I working on?  I'm in another weight loss bet!  I'll write more about that later.
So far I am doing very well.

This year, instead of a summer reading list, I've decided to review all the books I have been reading the past few years. I need to write some quality reviews for goodreads, amazon, etc.
And in the meantime I may re-read a few as well.

I'm a very busy working mom these kids are keeping me on my toes!  A few nights a week we have a dance party while we make dinner.  We have a few favorites, but lately...we have a new favorite.

Have a good weekend everyone ...I leave you with this song.  I'm doing this on purpose, on Friday afternoon. You should have this song in your head all weekend.  It's my new theme song for 2015. My entire family LOVES this song.

It's a confidence booster, strut your stuff you sexy thing!
How can you stay still listening to this?
Start your dance party!

And if you want the SNL LIVE version which is also awesome, here you go...listen to it again, you know you want to: