Friday, February 13, 2015

In Defense of Valentine's Day

I realize that a lot of people do not like Valentine's Day.  I hear the comments every year about how much pressure people feel. Or how it's so commercialized.  And don't even get me started on all the competition out there to outdo what we did the year before.  Or to outdo that mom who has all the beautiful hand made Valentines. For their ONE year old's daycare class. (where does she find the time?!)

This year I asked a bunch of different people what they were doing for Valentine's Day.
Most replied with negativity, sarcasm and/or no plans at all.
Only one person asked me what my own plans were.

I even asked on my social media pages:
"Am I the only adult who gets excited for Valentine's Day?"

And most of the responses I got were one word.  Yes.

Well that just bums me out.

I do love the holidays and yes, most of them are very commercialized. But if we could put that aside for a moment and think about what the point of a holiday is, I think I could open up some minds (or hearts!) about this holiday.

Veteran's thank a veteran right?
Thanksgiving Day give thanks. be charitable (or give gifts, or religion).
Valentine's show your love.

We should be doing these things every day yes?  We should always say thank you or give thanks or be charitable. But we get caught up in our very busy lives.  And just like an alarm to wake you up in the morning or a meeting reminder for that weekly meeting at work....a holiday is just a reminder to take a moment out of our lives to celebrate.

And that is why I love holidays.  And particularly why I like Valentine's Day. Because sometimes we do forget to tell people that we love them. The gestures don't have to be grandiose. Sometimes a small handwritten note will do.  Maybe even just picking up someone's favorite snack and adding on a red heart sticker.

Keep it simple. Don't feel the need to compete. And tell someone (or show someone) that you love them. It's that easy. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


wow...too many snow days here in NH.  I didn't even realize I was almost half way through February!

I'm actually having a very hard time keeping track of what day it is.  Lucky for me my computers/phones/smart devices keep track of the calendar for me.

Anyone have any fabulous Valentines Day plans?

I do love this holiday!

In case you missed it:




2013: (two!)

Zero mention of Valentine's Day.  I was pregnant. And taking care of an almost three year old.

What are your Valentines Day plans?