Friday, May 08, 2015

The Last Unicorn with Peter S. Beagle

Last night....I wasn't a good mom.  I kept my daughter out waaaay past her bedtime.

We didn't get home until just before 11pm.

She was a bit grumpy this morning. Didn't want to eat her breakfast.

BUT....she got to meet the author of one of her favorite stories, "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle.  We went to a screening tour of the movie. (It's been remastered, etc) and there was a question and answer session, giveaways and a meet and greet after the movie.

I definitely tested Zoe's patience as we sat through an hour of Q&A and giveaways before the movie started. But she had a full bucket of popcorn, so she was pretty happy. When she started asking me when the movie was going to start, I suggested she raise her hand and ask Peter. (We were not picked for a question.)

She LOVED the movie...though towards the end she started yelling out what was going to happen spoiling it for everyone around us who might not have seen it before.  (we may have watched this a few times at our house...) But at least everyone around us laughed about it. :)

Since I knew there were going to be people dressed up at this event, I let her wear her favorite pink cape and carry her Unicorn Head on a Stick (what is this toy called anyway?). She was easily the youngest person there.  Had she not been such a big fan of this movie (and now the graphic novelization which I got for her birthday a month ago) I would not have brought her to this event.

But I felt like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I'm hoping when she is older I can tell her all about the evening, how patient and well behaved she was, and how she met the author of one of her favorite stories. I hope that she will see the pictures...and maybe...just maybe...remember this very special evening.

Zoe did three pictures while waiting for Mr. Beagle. Then she tried to give him one of the drawings and he signed it and gave it back to her. It went back and forth a few times before she kept it. 

And I want her to remember because it was super special for me.  First...I got a one on one evening with my daughter. That doesn't happen too often anymore.  And I got to enjoy going to the movies (I LOVE going to the movies!).  AND...I got to meet the author of one of MY favorite stories too. :)

He was the first famous author I have ever met and I didn't think I was nervous about meeting him, until it was our turn to chat with him and get our books autographed...and then I started shaking. I hate that I do that when I'm nervous....

He was a very pleasant person and took time to chat with everyone (that's why we didn't get home until so late...the line to meet him was VERY long) and didn't make you feel rushed. When he learned Zoe's name, he told her a story about a cat named Zoe who used to pounce on him from the rafters and that the cat in "The Last Unicorn" was actually inspired by that cat named Zoe.

Everything he said sounded like a story. He didn't just talk to you...he told you stories.
It really was a magical evening.

I'm very thankful to the other "moms" who took pictures for us. My phone battery died while we were there and I was really bummed out about not getting any pictures.  A few people volunteered to take pictures and email them to me and this morning I had some awesome pictures from this event!  (THANK YOU!)

If you want to learn more about the tour, they are all over New England right now, here is the website:

Facebook Page:

And of course there is merchandise to buy and clubs to join if you want to learn more information.
And maybe another showing of the movie at my house very soon...

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It is amazing how much Zoe looks like you at the same age.

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