Friday, July 24, 2015

Foods I don't like: Twinkies.

Life is short right?

So...why eat foods you don't like?
For some reason I have a few people in my life that want to push me to eat things that I:
1) don't like.
2) have no interest in.
3) or both.

As someone who struggles with weight control and food allergies, I really really really don't like having food pushed on me. My choices are limited as it is and I don't like feeling judged for my food choices.

"Just try it."

"This is healthy, you should eat this."

I really don't understand why they won't just give it up.

I like what I like. I know the foods I like won't make me sick.
I've never had a doctor tell me I need to eat foods that I don't like in order to be healthy.

What someone else eats is their own business. You can MAYBE say "I really like this, have you ever had it before?  Would you like to try it?"

Those are things that are okay to say.
BUT...if you know someone has already said no, then don't push it.
Don't insist.

Back off, let them eat what they want.

My daughter is a "picky" eater.  She's only four, so she might outgrow this.  Or she might not.
But if the doctor says she is healthy and she is growing and thriving...I might just "spoil" her and not push foods on her.  Because I hate it when foods are pushed on me.

And for those that think I just want to eat sugary junk foods?  Well...yeah, of course I do.
But I make healthy choices too.  And once in a while, those junk food choices also taste gross and I won't eat those things either.

For example...yesterday I bought Twinkies.  They had Minions on them!  (okay, I like the Minions!) And I couldn't remember the last time I had a Twinkie.  I was a mean mom.  I didn't want to share.  I waited until after the kids went to bed to open them.  (Also...Zoe was refusing to eat her taco, a food we know she likes, so no dessert.).

I took a bite....and oh...nasty...gross, why is this FOOD?!  It was seriously horrible. I'm not sure if I ever thought these were good.  Why did I try to eat this?  I'll be honest.  I threw away the Twinkie and I spit out what was in my mouth.  It was so gross.

Now hubby had one too and he enjoyed it and didn't know what was wrong with me.
Which proves my point.

Different people like different food. And you shouldn't try to force your food preferences on others.
Back off.  Let them have a peanut butter sandwich instead of that food item you insist they eat.

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