Thursday, July 02, 2015

Interview and Giveaway: Jessica Spotswood

Hey everyone ....I have a giveaway to kick off my summer blogging.  One of my goals this summer (along with reading the Game of Thrones books) is to do a bit more writing this summer.

And if I'm writing...I'm hoping that you are reading.  And to kick off my summer and to get my readers excited to return to my blog....I have a book giveaway and interview with one of my favorite authors! :)  I love the Cahill Witch Chronicles.  I enjoyed them so much...I'm debating putting down Game of Thrones and rereading this series again.  Because I enjoyed it.  And I'm not enjoying Game of Thrones so much. It feels like a chore to read.  And reading shouldn't be a chore.  It should be fun!

Lucky for us...Jessica agreed to another interview with me and will be giving away one of her books.
Read below to find out more...and find out which books she is looking forward to reading!

1. How does it feel to have a published trilogy?  Ready to retire or give me more?

I love the Cahill sisters, and these books - my first trilogy! - will always be so special to me. Ending the series was bittersweet, because I'm very proud of the books and was so excited to share the last book with readers, but it was hard to say goodbye to characters who've lived in my head for the last four years. Now I'm branching out and ready to try new things! 

2. Do you think you will ever visit the Cahill Sisters world again?
I don't think there will be any other full-length books, but I'd love to write a short story or two. I have an idea for a free short story from one of Cate's sister's point of view that would take place after Sisters' Fate, to give readers a little more closure. I'm hoping to find time later this year - maybe as a holiday gift to readers?
3. What are your next projects and when can we expect another book?
I just finished editing an anthology, PETTICOATS & PISTOLS, which will be out next April! It's historical YA - fifteen short stories about American girls throughout history, from pirates to protestors and belles to bank robbers. I got to write a short story for it (my first ever!) and my authors are amazing: J. Anderson Coats, Andrea Cremer, Y.S. Lee, Katherine Longshore, Marie Lu, Kekla Magoon, Marissa Meyer, Saundra Mitchell, Beth Revis, Caroline Richmond, Lindsay Smith, Robin Talley, Leslye Walton, and Elizabeth Wein...
And I just finished writing my first contemporary YA, WILD SWANS, which will also be out next April! It's about a girl dealing with her mother - who abandoned her when she was two - coming back home with the two half-sisters she's never met. There's also a tattooed poet love interest.
I can't wait to share more about both projects - including covers! - soon.
4. What book are you looking forward to reading the most this summer? (last time you answered this question for me I found a great new series, it was Isla and the Happily Ever After. Anna is one of my all time favorite books!)
Ooh, I love Steph Perkins' books! She's amazing. I don't know if I can choose just one book but some on my to-be-read stack that are already out are: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Trish Doller, MORE HAPPY THAN NOT by Adam Silvera, TINY PRETTY THINGS by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra, and DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE by Carrie Ryan. Plus I've got ARCs of Kim Liggett's BLOOD & SALT, April Tucholke's SLASHER GIRLS & MONSTER BOYS, Marieke Nijkamp's THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS, and Shaun Hutchinson's VIOLENT ENDS that I am dying to dive into! I'm all about darker contemp lately. 
5. What is your favorite beverage and/or snack while you are writing?
Tea. Spring/summer = currant or mint iced tea. Fall/winter = Earl Grey.

Looks like I have a bunch of new books to look into (thank you for the recommendations Jessica!) and a short story told from another sister's point of view for Cahill Witch Chronicles?  YES PLEASE! 
Pretty please?  :) 

Ready to enter to win your choice of either Star Cursed or Sister's Fate?

Leave a comment below and let me know how you follow my blog (email updates, subscription...only when I tell you about a new post, etc) and let me know your favorite topic that I write about.  Or used to write about.  I should update more often.....I'll pick a winner on Friday July 10th!

(fine print...US only, choice of Star Cursed OR Sister's Fate, one book only)

Jessica Spotswood is the author of the Cahill Witch Chronicles and a few other works, check out her website here:


Erin Jackson said...

We should do a virtual (Skype??? Google chat???) book would make me read more. I am trying to read classics this summer, but may have to pick up Grey 😉

Turtle said...

Very cool. I haven't read your blog yet so I'll have to catch up and then give you my preferences.

Turtle said...
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Amy Hanson said...

I like your reviews.

dibble said...

It's Friday afternoon and I have to say
I'd like to move this last hour away
So instead of work I'll try my best
And make comment for your contest.

Of all the things I like to read
I'll give my thoughts so please take heed

I enjoy the reviews of books unknown
Those ideas and stories of seeds to be sown
For some authors and books I've yet hear
You've found a few, I might otherwise, steer clear

And of course there are stories of life
About being a mom, a friend, and a wife
Short insights into things going on
For those you haven't seen in so long

There are interesting things that happen every day
Sometimes you just need to write and say
What you think about stuff you've seen
How life is more than it may seem

But to what I might like to possibly see
In the entries that have yet to be

Maybe some creative writing
More reviews that are enlightening
Recipes to try when I have some time
Or places to go that you find sublime

Heck about about you just write some more
So I can stop my babbling and being a bore

Kris said...

I typically follow your blog after I see a fb post ;) I myself need to find the time to,do all those things. I'm tempted to pick up Harry Potter again, but then I'm afraid I'd pull an all nighter ;) I like your candid mommy posts the best.

Marybeth Feutz said...

Who knew dibble was such a poet?

I'd love some more fun books to read in all my free time!

Jalinn Hall said...

i love to see the new covers for your books :)

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