Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One day, one moment, everything changes.

That's a pretty abstract title to this post I know. I'm going to get a little....sappy? Silly?

Is my inner writer going to emerge?  That little part of me that thinks I can write a story?

Here is a story for you.
Ten years ago (July 2005) I was living in Worcester with my roommate Martha. I was single and had taken the past 9 months or so to really concentrate on myself and hang out with my friends.

It had been a really great year. I took a french class, a hockey class, traveled to Chicago and Texas.  Many many more great things happened that year. I also got season tickets to the inaugural season of the Worcester Tornados Baseball team. For any games that I had not attended, I was allowed to turn in my tickets and get free general admission tickets for a particular game.
That game was on July 28th.

I emailed all my friends and tried to get as many people to go and to bring their friends as well (even if I didn't know them).  My plan was to give away as many tickets as I could and spread some good karma.  (I even blogged about it!

While waiting for people to arrive I even handed out tickets to a few parents with kids waiting in line to buy tickets. I didn't know it at the time, but I was being observed.

A friend of mine had been seeing a guy for a while and I hadn't met him yet. She was bringing him to the game. She introduced me to him and as I shook his hand, my thoughts were this:
" this is _____'s Tony. He's kinda cute."

And I didn't think anything more of it.
We didn't end up meeting again for almost two months.

But on that day, ten years ago, I was introduced to my future husband.
And I had no idea.

So what is the moral of this story?  You never know.
And one day. One moment.  Can change everything.

There is actually a lot more coincidences behind how we ultimately came to be together.
But I like this story.  Because I distinctly remember meeting him for the first time.
And on our first wedding anniversary I asked him what he thought when he first met me and he told me a story of going to a baseball game and meeting this really cute girl who was doing something really nice and giving away free baseball tickets.  And I had no idea he had even remembered that.
Can't get the stupid grin off my face whenever I think of this story.

So babe....Happy 10th Anniversary that we've never celebrated before! ;)

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