Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Reading...2015

This years Summer Reading List was going to be "Game of Thrones".
Or the series, A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin.

And didn't go well.
Here we are...halfway through July.  And it took me just over one month to read the first book.
I found it to be torture.
I wasn't looking forward to reading.
I had to force myself to finish.

And I haven't touched any reading since then. (about two weeks ago)

And now...I have to admit something.  I picked up another book before I finished "Game of Thrones".
And I FLEW through it. And enjoyed reading it. And stayed up late to finish it.

Now before I admit which book I read, I should give a few theories as to why I didn't enjoy "Game of Thrones".  I was because I already knew what was going to happen.  Since I have been watching the TV series with my husband, I already knew what was coming. So it wasn't like each chapter was a page turner to see what happens next.  I already knew.
And I think it also might be because this isn't my usual genre of books to read.
And maybe...just maybe...because the author's writing style just wasn't what I enjoy. (this is my way of politely saying maybe it wasn't that good.)

And all of ironic. Because the book that I did pick up and enjoy....the author of that book has been ripped apart by social media for being a terrible writer.  But guess what?  I enjoyed her book.

I read GREY by E.L. James.

This was 100% a "guilty pleasure" reading. And I enjoyed it. So...with that in mind.
The rest of my Summer Reading list for 2015....will be all guilty pleasure books!  What is a guilty pleasure book?  For me it's anything non-educational or intellectual. Or anything I'm not about to start raving about reading to strangers. And maybe it's the books that I read over and over again for some reason. It's whatever I read purely for the pleasure of reading.  No one's mind is getting expanded or educated.  Or at least I don't open or start the book expecting to be educated.

I'm going to maybe re-read a few favorites and add in a self-help book too.

And I'm seriously considering reading Holly Madison's Down the Rabbit Hole.

Got any other suggestions for me?  ;)

New list to be posted soon.

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