Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Supergirl.

We don't watch a lot of TV in our house.

So our kids don't really see too many commercials.  When we do watch, it's usually Disney channel, New England Patriots football games, or Netflix.  It's actually kind of funny to see how annoyed my daughter gets at the commercials.

But this past weekend, she saw a commercial for a new television show.  Supergirl.

"Mooooooom!  I've never seen a show with a super hero girl before! Can I watch this show?!"

It definitely made me laugh and it caught me off guard.  You daughter is only 4.5 years old.
I hadn't considered this show for her because it's a prime time show and it isn't a cartoon. (I've had it on the calendar for myself for months.)

But she's a smart girl.  And she loves super heroes. One of her favorite books is my old beat up Wonder Woman book from when I was a little girl.  She thinks She-Ra is the absolute coolest (well duh, yeah!!!). And when Barbie came out with Super Sparkle?  (well...let's put it this way....she pretends to be Super Sparkle or Spiderman more than any other imaginary character)

She likes ANY and ALL super hero things.

So I really shouldn't have been too surprised she was interested in this show after seeing the commercial.  I decided that I would view the show first and then let her watch it later if I thought it was okay.  I was trying to make note of any language or scenes that I wouldn't want her to see.  I had a game plan.  I would watch it on Mondays and let her watch it on Tuesdays while I made dinner.

I watched the premiere last night and I absolutely loved it.  Zoe definitely picked up a love of Super Heroes from me.  She-Ra being my absolute favorite, but I find Superman pretty awesome as well. So Supergirl by default is also awesome.

I've read some really great reviews and have watched every clip I could get my hands on, so I pretty much knew what to expect.  It has some great messages and lots of girl power.  I think the only thing I would be concerned with is when Supergirl has to fight the "bad guys".  I'm worried she may have some bad dreams from that.  BUT....other than that, so far nothing too bad.  Maybe she can handle it.

Then...during a commercial break, I noticed the bathroom light was on upstairs.
In order to understand what happened should know that there is a lofted playroom above my kitchen/living room that has a view of the living room....and incidentally the TV.

Guess who snuck out of bed and was watching Supergirl last night? sneaky daughter. :)

My guess was that she got up to use the bathroom (why the light was on...if she was being really sneaky she wouldn't have turned it on, she's smart like that) and heard the show, and got curious and started watching and forgot to return to the bathroom to shut off the light.

I had to go upstairs and get her back in bed and be really stern.  But I had a really hard time NOT laughing. And when I texted hubby to let him know he responded "Can you blame her?"

Nope...I can't.  My little supergirl wants to watch female super heroes.  And I'm going to let her. :)

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