Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tonight, I needed a break.

Ahh....I've really missed this.

You can tell when I'm busy....or unmotivated....or feeling depressed.  Or having writers block.
Or just plain don't feel like writing here.

But right now...tonight...this feels good.  I have emotions and feelings and a moment I need to capture.

I had a not-so-good-day at work today.  Tomorrow may not be much better.
And tonight...all I really wanted was a break before my temper got the better of me and some innocents (my bore the brunt of my emotions and temper.

But I didn't get a break.
Because I have two goofball kids who need me.

We got home and I made dinner.  Hubby came out of his office and started talking to me about my day.  All of a sudden I found myself running circles around the kitchen cleaning while I vented about my day.  So at least one good thing came of it...I did a little cleaning.

But still...I needed a break.  The kids were mostly done their dinner at this point.
I figured now was my moment for a break.  I told him, just five minutes. I went into our bedroom, in the dark and laid down on the bed.

Hubby tried...he really did.  While I was lying there, I overheard him telling his business partner that they needed to move their meeting to 7:30pm (the kids bedtime).  I immediately jumped out of bed.
Not because I didn't need the break anymore.  And not because I felt obligated.

But because I felt grateful that he understood how horrible my day was...and he was willing to push off work (he runs his own business) to help me.  And I appreciated that more than anything.

I brought the kids upstairs...and I let them run around in circles screaming and laughing and playing and climbing up on the furniture....I probably shouldn't let them climb the furniture....

We had a quick facetime chat with my parents.  I was hoping to show off how silly my kids were and maybe do some more venting about work....but they were enjoying a dinner with my Aunt and Uncle. So instead I just showed off my kids.

We snuck in this selfie before bed.

I keep looking at this picture.

Then I went downstairs and finally realized I was hungry.  I made nachos and cracked open a beer.

I watched a youtube video of Hillary Clinton on SNL:

Nachos + beer + SNL.  Starting to feel better.

And halfway through my beer I realized I wanted to write a blog post before I got too tipsy.
SO here I am.

My day seems better now.  :)  Thanks for reading.

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