Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Lucky Me. :)

At first glance the title of this blog post looks sarcastic.
I am not being sarcastic though. I really am a very lucky person.

I am blessed with many great things (family, kids, dog, friends, house, job, car, etc).  This list goes on and on.  And when I can, I try to pay it forward.  Raising money for a charity or donating to a friends cause. At the holidays I really enjoy purchasing gifts from "Giving Trees" to those who may need a little extra help.  I like to pay it forward, I consider it good karma.

I feel like such a lucky person that I want to share my luck with others.

So what prompted me to write about this today?
Well....I just found out I won another raffle/giveaway.  This one is fairly minor, it's just a Christmas decoration, but still.  I've won rubber duck races, raffles, giveaways, etc.
I'm fairly lucky with scratch tickets too.

(I haven't won the lottery yet...I must want that one too badly...)

And this week, for a reason I haven't figured out yet, I'm just overflowing with holiday spirit and good cheer.  I feel myself smiling and glowing for no reason at all.  It feels great.

Unfortunately....I know a lot of people who are unhappy right now. I don't know if it's that time of year for seasonal depression or if a lot of people are experiencing pain and loss right now.
But I want to share my good feelings.

If you are feeling down or lost or sad....please reach out to someone who may be able to help. Sometimes you may just need a hug, or a shoulder to cry on.  Maybe just some eyes or ears to read or listen to you venting your frustrations.

Too often we find ourselves being emotionally drained by people who are like "emotional vampires". They can suck all the energy out of us. But I feel like right now I see too many people who need a boost.  And I feel like I have extra to give.

I'm not sure the best way to share what I have...just want everyone to know I'm trying my best to send the positive vibes out to those who need it.  If you have some good luck...try to pay it forward.

It's good karma.

I hope that all my friends feeling the drain on their mental states this week get a nice boost before the holidays. :)

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