Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day! (again)

Today's post was written quickly and is mostly just me rambling on...

I did a quick search through my past blog posts....and apparently I have mentioned Valentine's Day at least 15 times.  Probably because I really really really like this holiday.

Last year I wrote a great post, this year I wanted to write something along a similar theme.

I'm not going to bother defending Valentine's Day this year against the haters.  If you hate it, you hate it.  No big deal.

However...I want to talk about something else.  How are hard it is to tell someone you love them.
Or even just using the words "I like you."

When I was younger, if I told someone that I liked them...or even used the more serious words of "I love you" then it meant that I was interested in pursuing a relationship with them.  Probably a dating/sexual relationship, preferably monogamous. that I'm older, I realize how silly and limiting this is. For high school I couldn't just say the words "hey, I like you."  Because inevitably someone would say...."do you like me like me...want to date me?".

It was all very confusing.

But now I'm middle aged.  I've grown up a bit. I've learned a lot. And I'm a mom now, so now I know whole new definitions of like and love. Chances are if you are reading this post, I like you.
I might like some of you more than others.

And some of you I might even love.  I don't use that word very often.  I don't say it to people too often. I wish I did say it more often....but I really only use it every day with my children and sparingly with my husband.  But it doesn't mean I don't feel it, it just means I'm careful when I say it.

Not all love or like feelings are romantic.
Sometimes they just exist.

Anyway...for me...Valentine's Day is an opportunity for us to remind OURSELVES how much we like or love somebody.  This weekend, my heart will be full.  For I am blessed and lucky to like and love lots of people.

In a world full of hate (especially during election season!) try to feel the love this weekend.
You never know who might love you. :)

And try not to hate on Valentine's Day too much.  It isn't just for couples.  It's for everyone. :)

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