Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I'm a big ball of sunshine today.

Today I was repairing a computer in a classroom and when I went to leave, the classroom volunteer was returning to the room.  I said "bye!  See you later!" and she said to me: "Goodbye, thanks for coming are so full of sunshine today, just a big ball of happy sunshine."

Which honestly...just made me smile even bigger and feel even happier.
I'm having a good day today.

And I'm dressed in head to toe blue today.  Blue jeans, blue shirt, blue vest.
So I don't LOOK like sunshine, but I'm pushing the sunshiney-vibes today.

I'm happy today...for many reasons.  I do tend to get very happy this time of year (spring! yay!) and when you add in Easter (candy!) and my kids birthdays (toys!) and my own birthday...and the warm weather, etc...well, it's just a happy time of year.

I also feel like a zombie coming off an incredibly busy weekend.  We had the kids birthday parties and we hosted Easter brunch. I've done so much this weekend between cleaning, prepping, baking, child-rearing, puppy-training, etc.  And oh yeah, sleep...somewhere in there was sleep...

I feel like I need to write down everything that happened because so much happened, that I don't think I'll possibly remember at all. But that might have to be in a separate email to myself, my personal journal because I don't think I want to share it all here.

Mostly I just wanted to share that I am happy.  Because when I'm happy, I really want other people to be happy too.