Friday, May 06, 2016

The Force Awakens....

I meant to write and post about this yesterday.

But then my sister had a baby, I had a doctors appointment for the carpal tunnel in my wrist and my parents flew in.  And typing/writing, etc is very difficult when your wrists hurt.

For May 4th, we decided to let the kids stay up a little late (9:30pm) and watch Star Wars, Episode 7, The Force Awakens.  It went over very very very well.

First off you would need to know that our kids are 5 and 2 and they love Star Wars.  I might have influenced this a little bit....but then they ran with it.  And I was more than happy to start buying up all the Star Wars things. :)  When I mentioned we were going to watch the new Star Wars movie, my daughter said "Oh, I've got the perfect pajamas for that!" and she came back downstairs with her Darth Vader pajamas on. :)

My daughter's favorite is Darth Vader, we've joked a few times that we've lost her to the dark side. She's seen A New Hope about five times now.  She's only ever watched the original trilogy, never seen the prequels.

My son who is 2, has never sat down and watched a movie, because...well...he's 2. We are lucky if we can get him to sit still for one episode of Supergirl!  He's been around when the movies have been on, but for the most part his experience has been the toys and books.  His favorite is R2D2 and he just loves all of the Droids.  Chewbaca (Bacabaca) might be his second favorite.

We put on the movie and I figured that my daughter would stay awake for the whole thing and that my son would fidget too much or get too tired and I would put him to bed early.

He stayed awake and watched the ENTIRE thing.
I was floored!  This movie is 2 hours and 15 mins long!  He would stand up and sit back down, but for the most part he sat and watched the entire thing.  Throughout the movie he would say "Oh goodness (Oh my gosh)" and "WOW" and "Ship".  The phrase "oh goodness" was used a lot.  As he recognized characters he would shout out their names.  He was very excited to see R2D2 at the end.
Needless to say....he loved it.  And now he has a new favorite Droid, BB-8.

For my daughter...who loves Darth Vader, she was a little disappointed that he wasn't in this film. But I figured that having a female Jedi hero would be pretty awesome and that she would focus on Rey.
However, as she went to sleep that night (and she looked over at her Lego Star Wars poster on her bedroom door) she says to me "Hey mom...I really liked that girl in the silver Storm Trooper helmet!".
We have definitely lost her to the dark side. She was talking about Captain Phasma....who is in fact a girl, but most definitely a bad

At the end of the movie I asked both kids if they liked the movie.
My daughter said "yes, but I like the movies with Darth Vader better, especially the first one."
My son said very clearly,  "YES".

And when he woke up the next morning....the first words out of his mouth were "Star Wars!"
Parenting win?  I think so.