Wednesday, July 27, 2016

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.

Fear of missing out.  Yep....I definitely have that.

And politics is making me crazy. I'm really starting to worry that I will need to cut out people from my life.  People I have known my whole life.  And I don't want to do that...but I have a feeling things are just going to get uglier as we approach the election.

So I have decided quit Facebook.  Cold turkey.
For at least one month.

I need to get away from social media (mostly Facebook) because I have become too addicted to it. I can't stop looking at it, even when it's making me mad.

Everytime hubby sees me on my phone he says "Whatcha doin?" and I always respond with "Facebooking."

And lately ....what I'm seeing is making me more sad/mad than happy.

August will be the perfect time for a break.  I'll be spending a week in the woods and won't have access to it anyway.  And when this experiment is done, maybe I can break the addiction cycle.

Or maybe I'll just stay away until after the election.

Oh hey...look at that...summer is half over...

And I haven't started my Summer Reading List yet.
And I have an Airstream to get ready for camping.
And a few tv shows to watch with my hubby.
And some fun projects to do with my kids.  (back to school shopping! woohoo! my first time!)

Hmmm.  Maybe I will even try a game.
Or take an art class or two.

This will be good for me.
And if you normally contact me through've got about four days to find a different way to reach me.  And if you want me to come to your event....send me an email. :)