Tuesday, October 04, 2016

It's Not Really Missing Until Mom Can't Find It.

Something went missing at my house.

My dad looked for it.

My husband looked for it.

And both assumed the item was gone.  And I was busy at the moment but I laughed and said "No, it's not missing until a mom can't find it."

If a mom can't find it, it might truly be missing.

Story Time!

A few weeks ago we at work we had over 100 power cables go missing.  To replace these specific cables was going to cost around $500.  So everyone looked high and low.  We looked in our office, we looked where we thought they should be.  We looked in our storage closet, we looked in the server closet.  And everywhere we looked...they were missing.

Except....I hadn't looked yet.  I asked our office manager not to purchase new cables just yet.
And she said "Dani, I looked....I couldn't find them."

We even emailed our summer interns to see if they remembered where they were.

Finally...I got a free moment.  I went looking.  And I found them.
They had been hidden underneath some large headphones.  If you didn't look UNDER the headphones, you wouldn't have known they were there.

That's some mad-mother sleuthing skills right there. ;)

Now...the office manager...she's a mom too.  But I told her it was obvious that 3 out 4 kids had left her home.  She was losing her mom skills. (that's not a bad thing!)

So I saved the department $500 by finding the missing (hidden) cables.

And guess what.....I found that thing my dad and husband were looking for too.
It's not really missing until a mom can't find it.....Just sayin.  ;)